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In bed with Dubya

You can make these arguments, but I didn’t think Alice would. Dec 18, Book Concierge rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 30, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

However, that complexity gets lost in the last section. Divided words into regular words and SAT words, and when you encounter SAT words in the middle of a book like this you say to yourself or you are supposed to –ooh, nice SAT word. Please Add Editor on Book.

Jul 22, Sheryl Sorrentino rated it it was amazing.

American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

Did I do something I should have done years ago? He is a bawdy, self-aggrandizing F-up, and yet, like Alice, I found myself being drawn to his potency and charisma in spite of myself. View all 6 comments. Alice is a woman haunted by a tragic accident and who doesn’t quite understand her own love for According to a brief interview at the end of the book, the author read some material about Laura Bush and got fascinated about why a seemingly compassionate and intelligent woman would marry someone like George W.

I kept wanting to transport the book to Midland and Dallas, Texas. It’s fun to keep that in mind while reading, particularly when she meets her future husband, Charlie Blackwell. When is this great author going to write another book?? Dec 29, Travis rated it did not like it. Amerkcan Bush has offered little of herself to the media, appearing in public as a supportive wife. I liked her first book “Prep” years back, too. That isn’t to say she doesn’t get married. These are the private lives that public figures are not supposed to have: Charlie Blackwell George W.


This book is a fabulous read — and as far as I can gather, inspired by a sentiment Sitttenfeld can understand well: Well fuck me in a dog suit, this book turned out to be a fictionalized amerixan spoiler [Laura Bush hide spoiler ] memoir. Hardcoverpages.

American Wife

Ultimately, two things turned me off of this novel. That only the major events in each of the book’s four sections accidentally killing a classmate of hers in a car accident during high school, being a librarian and meeting her husband at a BBQ, having a husband who bought a major league baseball team, and being married to the President of the United States are true and everything else is speculation and “what if”s.

You have sittefeld be a sick fuck to want to think about GWs penis. What should she do when her private beliefs run against her public persona? Watching Charlie’s star rise until he achieves the ultimate in political success is fascinating.

This book is no exception.

Quotes from American Wife. I don’t know George Bush from Adam, but Charles was a gentle, tough, good man. And while Sitttenfeld wasn’t thrilled when I discovered that the main character of this book was based upon Laura Bush, I remembered how brilliantly Ms.

I loved the ending with Alice’s ultimate conclusions about her relationship to Charlie and the level of responsibility she shares for his presidency as his wife.

I believed their relationship to be honest, complicated, and loving, despite their many differences. Topics Fiction The Observer. Was this exploitation for sales?

Bush having sex, too, for sure. At times it is hard to square, but I’ll give Curtis Sittenfeld a break on this one, because I really love the character nonetheless. And all the Wisconsin details bugged me. This book with the characters of Alice and Charlie was her fictional response to that question, and like americqn good fiction, it probably has more truth to it than any non-fiction book written.


Unfortunately, it follows the Bush saga too closely. As for the quality of the book, I found it too long and there were lots of descriptions of clothing or rooms or car interiors that fell flat for me.

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld – review – Telegraph

I was debating between 4 and 5 stars but settled on 4, only because it goes off the rails slightly when Alice becomes First Lady in the last section of the book and she makes some questionable choices that I don’t believe Laura Bush would EVER make.

Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel is a fictionalised portrait based on the now former First Lady, Laura Bush.

The writing style of the book is well done and while it’s not breaking any new ground, the voice of Alice still feels fresh, authentic and real.

Told in americaan person, the story of Alice Lindgren Blackwell intimately follows the life of Laura Bush, including pivotal points as she grows up: Comfortable in her quiet and unassuming life, she felt inured to his charms. The information dumping to fill up too many pages, losing the tension, was not. Feb 25, Erin rated it really liked it Wifd