: Cartwheel: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) ( ): Jennifer duBois: Books. “In Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois takes the lurid skeleton of the Amanda Knox case and fictionalises it with scalpel-like precision DuBois is a brilliant young. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in ” Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she.

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As the pages fly, the reader hardly notices that duBois has stretched the genre jennofer the criminal procedural. Although I found the book well-written, thus the two star rating, I could not get past these glaring similarities and the charade of characterizing this novel as an original, work of fiction. She had a female roommate, Katy Kellers, also a foreign exchange student, who was brutally murdered in their apartment, and Lilly was charged with the crime. So it’s difficult for the reader to make up one’s mind when alternating chapters provide alternating viewpoints.

We watch each character struggle with their belief cartwhdel Lily’s innocence or her guilt. Dubois’ decision to take her viscous writing style and fictionalize a real-life sordid and well-publicized murder in Italy, the murder of Amanda Knox’ roommate.

The characters were all believable. It all felt jennifsr superfluous compared to the amount of time spent on the trial itself though and the ending was extremely rushed compared to the slower pace we became accustomed to.

Jennifer duBois is a writer of thrilling psychological precision. If duBois had used her death to create a work of feeling and imagination, it might have deepened our comprehension of how such a catastrophe can take place.

The writing is sickeningly good, and somehow, even though you know exactly how the story will unfold if you pay passing attention to the news, it’s riveting. Lily herself is a not very interesting addition to those thousands of young Americans looking to spread their wings in an exotic locale.


None of it would matter. Aug 10, Joseph rated it liked it Shelves: The book opens with Lily’s father and sister, Anna, travelling to Buenos Aires to visit Lily in jail and meet with lawyers. The whole premise of the novel is based on judgment of the accused relative to one’s perception versus factual hard evidence. But with this, she has moved up the ranks to one of my must-read authors – in a year, I’m sure to be found Googling her name with the keywords “third novel” to ensure I miss no mention of upcoming books.

Even if you have formed a strong opinion like I didthere is no way to even guess how right, or wrong, you might be. They stood out for me: We must act as though everything in this life counts; as though we only have one shot to get things right. Such is the power of Lily’s character that I found myself disliking Katy, even though Katy is outwardly more likeable, and even though, if these were real people, I would undoubtedly get on better with her, and wouldn’t like Lily at all.

Review: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois

As I read I could see a part of myself in every character: The foundation of her relationship with Katy, her roommate, has undertones of disdain and jealousy, possibly carteheel her Lily’s own lack of self confidence.

Do the facts support the truth? Closure which is so ambiguous to true life.

Such skillfulness here will convince many readers that “Cartwheel” is a good novel; alas, it is not. Plus, the two characters I found most fascinating Katy and Anna never had a chance to speak for themselves, and Eduardo was just unrealistic; he belonged in a different novel from the one everyone else cartwhewl in. But I was disappointed in that regard.

Want to Read saving…. Dubois’ skilled storytelling at times beautiful, but sticky; run-on sentences and thoughtful, sometimes overly-wrought ideas abound, adhere to the reader’s atte As I lay here idly in the hospital, jenniter just read Ms. An emotionally stunted protagonist.


Book review: ‘Cartwheel,’ by Jennifer duBois | Books | Dallas News

What I know is that there were two women, college exchange students and one somewhat hunky neighbor, having relationships with both and than of course there is the murder of one of the girls and the other is said to have been the perpetrator. This is an absolute favorite of the year, and a must read! It just creeps me out to the max.

Aug 06, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: Dubois’ point, I think, is that cartwhrel can never really know anybody, and that even nice ordinary people can be capable of things you would never expect. Why did Lily do a cartwheel after a grueling police interrogation? Lily and Sebastien are both very Something about this seemed off to me and it never really clicked. She has this talent cartwhheel so perfectly articulating a feeling, she puts into words something you didn’t know you’ve felt until you hear her say it and you realize that you know exactly what she’s talking about.

After turning the last page of Cartwheel, I am sure of it. Dec 15, LeAnne rated it it was amazing.

Review: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois – Chicago Tribune

In Cartwheel, she accomplishes this with acrobatic precision. At one point Lily is fired for supposedly causing a scene at her workplace, but she had a discussion in a ladies room, hardly what one would call a scene.

The more I think about this book the more I like it. The first time, I loved it. I am not predisposed to like books of this type, which fictionalise real events.