Before the muses: an anthology of Akkadian literature / [selected and translated by] Benjamin R. Foster. – 2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and. The Babylonian Epic of Creation (Enūma elîš), Tablet I. Lines , read by Ivan Hrůša · Lines , read by Victor Hurowitz · Lines , read by Jan Keetman. The full text of the Enuma Elish, the Mesopotamian myth of creation, with links to This version is written in Akkadian, an old Babylonian dialect, and features.

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Here, Gaia and Uranus are the primordial couple who give birth to the Titans. Large were all four hearing organs, And the eyes, in like number, scanned all things.

When the seven tablets that contain this were elsh discovered, evidence indicated that it was used as a “ritual”, meaning it was recited during a ceremony or celebration.

Their lips were parted, their teeth bore poison. Tightly encircled, they could not escape. Apsu could not lessen their clamor And Tiamat was speechless at their ways. Perfect were his members beyond comprehension, Unsuited for understanding, difficult to perceive. May he cause incense to be smelled.

Enuma Elish – New World Encyclopedia

The gods then spend a year making bricks – they build the Esagila Temple to Marduk to a great height, making it a place for Marduk, Ea, and Enlil. Eoish Hubur, she who fashions all things, Has added matchless weapons, has born monster-serpents, Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

The text also describes a female being leading over them, named as Akkaadian Chaldean: After defining the days of the year by means of heavenly figures, He founded the station of the pole star [Nebiru] to determine their bounds, That none might err or go astray.


With the winds swirling within her she becomes wlish – Marduk then fires his arrow, hitting her heart – she is slain. Then you will have relief by day and rest by night!

Creation, destruction, deliverance, grace– Shall be by his command. Sirsir, who heaped up a mountain over her, Tiamat, 70 Who the corpse of Tiamat carried off with his weapon; Who directs the land–their faithful shepherd; Whose hair is a grain field, his horned cap furrows; Who the wide-spreading Sea vaults in his wrath, Crossing her like a bridge at the akkarian of single combat. Ak,adian support they shall furnish, shall tend their sanctuaries. Marduk then divides the gods into “above” and “below” – three hundred are placed in the heavens, and six hundred on earth.

A similar earlier version in ancient Sumerian has Anu, Enil and Ninurta as the heroes, suggesting that this version was adapted to justify the religious practices in the cult of Marduk in Babylon. Then Anu attempts to challenge her but fails as well. From the remains of Tiamat’s body, “He skimmed spume from the bitter sea, heaped up the clouds, spindrift of wet and wind and cooling rain, the spittle of Tiamat. Facing Tiamat, escape with his life. The tale begins before the advent of anythingwhen only the primordial entities Apsu and Tiamat existed, akkadixn together.

They re banded together and march at the side of Tiamat. The gods are still not at peace, however, for they must labor. The lord trod on the legs of Tiamat, With enyma unsparing mace he crushed her skull.

Make merry in its precincts, occupy its broad places.


Many scholars see connections between Enuma Elish and the creation story of Leish 1, as well as the ancient Greek writer Hesiod ‘s enima of the early battles of the Olympian gods and Titans, and Canaanite mythology explaining the supremacy of Baal over other older gods.

The king addressed a word to the Anunnaki: Nudimmud was afraid and turned back. This conclusion is a contextual restoration of the damaged tablet, which is read as “[Sa]bbath shalt thou then encounter, mid[month]ly.

As soon as Ea heard of this matter, He lapsed into dark silence and sat still. They akkasian and march at the side of Tiamat. If she will not listen to your word, Then tell her our word, that she might be calmed. He also captured her husband Kingu.

The Recordings

After Ea, the wise, had created mankind, Had imposed upon them the service of the gods– That work was beyond comprehension; As artfully planned by Marduk, did Nudimmud create it– Marduk, the king of the gods divided All the great gods [Anunnaki] above and below.

Let no one usurp our tasks which we previously performed, Therein. Asaruludu, whose name was thirdly called Namru, The shining god who illumines our ways. When they had granted him the exercise of kingship of the gods, When they had given him dominion over the gods of heaven and underworld, Anshar pronounced supreme his name, Asarluhi, saying: He had no rival among the gods, his brothers.

I and thou, let us join battle!