From Sawdust to Stardust by Terry Lee Rioux – In the forty-year history of Star Trek®, none of the television show’s actors are more beloved than DeForest. He was raised on the sawdust trail, a preacher’s kid steeped in his father’s literal faith and judgment. It is a journey that takes us all from sawdust to stardust. From Sawdust to Stardust: The Biography of DeForest Kelley, Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy by Terry Lee Rioux is an absolutely amazing book about.

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He grew up with certain principles–principles that came both from his preacher father and his gentle mother–and he never let them go.

Anyone wanting to learn what to include in a well-written biography should read this book. DeForest Kelley was delightful to read about and was a truly good man, better than his co-stars in many ways.

He held on as long as he could — but finally, he gave up and went home to Atlanta, to save his parents the worry and perhaps to save his soul.

He made a good beginning in a solid and growing business sector. Luther Kelley, a highly respected surgeon and veteran, who brought DeForest into the world with his own hands.

It was a whole new world for me. The down-to-earth son of a Georgia Baptist preacher, DeForest Kelley was all that a true Southern gentleman should be–a Southern gentleman without all the prejudices and stereotypical behaviors ascribed to the people of the South. She has continued to participate in academic work in Texas through the East Texas Historical Association.


The book started of “ok” sadust one never feels they really get to know DeForest. This book was so bad I really don’t know where to start I always loved it when he got the last word on Star Trek, and I was glad when he would survive a western. For Star Trek fans, it’s a chance to re-enter the final frontier with a really nice guy.

Inspirational and moving, it is an outstanding portrait of a true gentleman, Jackson DeForest Kelley, the kind of person you would be proud to know, and if you read From Sawdust to Stardustyou will ‘know’ DeForest Kelley. Review The Rose Window: Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!

From Sawdust to Stardust

Could he dare say out loud what he had once told Erskine Davis? There are a lot of stories and anecdotes that end like that, which makes the whole book a tad Absolutely, and I’m grateful for that.

Casey, of Long Beach, California, arrived in Conyers this week, following a six-day tramp across the continent to visit Mr. The writing and editing are not perfect, but a few minor annoyances do not detract from an otherwise highly enjoyable reading experience.

From Sawdust to Stardust | Book by Terry Lee Rioux | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Later she earned a Master of Arts degree in history at Lamar University. Star Trek Alan Dean Foster. Thanks for telling us about the problem. After years of struggle, his lean, weathered look became well tk in notable westerns and television programs such as You Are There and Bonanza.

From Sawdust to Stardust: The Biography of DeForest Kelley

Become a LibraryThing Author. In-between Rioux makes broad, laudatory generalizations about Kelley that are almost painful to read either as armchair psych or Jeez, I wanted to love this book more.


Convention classes me and my fellows among the loose and thoughtless. Ellis’s dad was the manager of the Coca-Cola plant just across the street from the Baptist church.

From Sawdust to Stardust : Terry Lee Rioux :

Kelley in this narrative. We were very close. Kelley, “slipped in and took a back seat just like most doctors do at church and grand opera.

Also a Desperate Housewives fan? Buy the selected items together This item: It’s about what kind of person he was. He gave it to her; she admired it and handed it back to him: A healthy young fellow could find work among the steel mills, shipbuilders, canneries, and cleaning crews.

Good-bye to country life and the friends of Conyers, where DeForest came to the age of responsibility, self-awareness, and dreams. Not when trying hard to make his way in the dog-eat-dog world of movie industry and not even when late in life he finally reached the sawduat status which being part of the iconic Star Trek mythos brought him.

They found a hideout in a building with some very rough characters, seamen and longshoremen and women who matched them. Peaceable Kingdoms Dayton Ward. He particularly enjoyed the evangelists T.