Lord Shree Swaminarayan’s spiritual heir, Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami revealed numerous divine feats throughout his human life; these are narrated in. Early life: Gopalanand Swami’s was born in the was born in the Sabarkantha District’s, Todla Village of Bhiloda Taluka, Gujarat on Monday of Maha sud-8th.

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Monday, Maha Sud 8, around evening at six Birth Name: He was shunned from his community and was made outcast but he did not budge and kept on praying to Lord Swaminarayan Chaitanyanand Swami was a well know Swami. He realised that Gopalanand Swami was no ordinary person; he must be a powerful man. Once Gopalanand Swami came to see him. Todla Idr area Born: Kashiabhai became ill could not excrete and apologised to Gopalanand Swami for his wrongdoing and later became well Hemraj Shah from Sundariyana town was a Vaishna doctor.

During his lifetime, he wrote 19 books in Sanskrit and 6 books in other languages. This stick is still being used and is kept in Sarangpur Temple When the Laxminarayan Temple was being built in Vadtal, Kashiabhai of Petlad was asking for tax on goods which were being used in the service of the Temple.

This made him very sad and he stopped eating his food. Gopalanand Swami arranged for an idol of Kastabhanjan Dev Hanuman to be installed in the Sarangpur temple which is said to have come alive and moved when installed by him.


Gopalanand Swami – Wikipedia

Hemraj Shah went to see Gopalanand Swami and could not feel his pulse but Gopalanand Swami was still alive. One day Lord Swaminarayan disguised himself as a normal Brahmin and went to Todla. Gopalanand Swami talked to Kashiabhai and persuaded him to stop charging them tax. Swaminarayan held Gopalanand Swami in very high regard and he was very learned in Ashtang yoga. Gopalanand Swami gopalanamd preaching about being non-attached to anything.

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Sardhar. Further details may exist on the talk page.

This page was last edited on 20 Augustat Part of a gopalananv on. Gopalanand Swami became a prominent sadhu of Swaminarayan sampraday.

He told Khushal Bhatt that if he wants to see the Lord Supreme, then follow me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gopalanand Swami stood infront of Hanumanji and concentrated his powers into the murti and suddenly Hanumanji began to move. Views Read Edit View history. Gopalanand Swami tried to explain to Kashiabhai that what he was doing was wrong but Kashiabhai did not listen.

He was married to Adityabai and had two children Harisankar and Anupamba though he felt no attachment. Lord Swaminarayan instructed everyone to obey Gopalanand Swami The collection and the research of the Vachnamrut was done by Muktanand, Nityanand, Shukanand and Brahmanand Swami but deep knowledge was parted by Gopalanand Swami Krishnaram Shastri miscalculated the eclipse and predicted there wasn’t going to be an eclipse but the other scholors said that an eclipse will occur.


Sarvabhom Varsdar Yogivarya Shree Gopalanand Swami

After Lord Swaminarayan left this world, he lived for another 22 years making sure the Swaminarayan sampraday was running properly.

People gave him gifts and he started accepting them. There was a heated debate between Krishnaram Shastri and the scholors. This article is missing information about detailed information regarding his life. Gopalanand Swami called Krishnaram Shastri and scolded him for miscalculating the eclipse. Later on, he moved to Dabhoi where he set up a school and taught young Gopaanand. He worked and guided many followers to spread the Swaminarayan Sampraday.


Gopalanand Swami ni Vato

Gopalanwnd tree became thornless and still is to this present day The collection and the research of the Vachnamrut was done by Muktanand, Nityanand, Shukanand and Brahmanand Swami but deep knowledge was parted by Gopalanand Swami.

Krishnaram Shastri went home and recalculated and found his miscalculation. Lord Swaminarayan sent Gopalanand Swami to meet Kashiabhai. Khusal Bhatt went into Jetalpur and met Lord Swaminarayan. From his teaching, he became a prominent person in the community and people started paying him respect.

Hemraj Shah became a very good devotee. Gopalanand Swami said to the tree, “you are very foolish, I am a saint of the Lord and still you do this to me.

The child started talking.