Close-up Card Magic has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published by Louis Tannen, pages, Hardcover. Close-Up Card Magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Close-up card magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of playing card magic routines by Harry Lorayne.

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That is one of the reasons reviews like yours are helpful, though a fair description by a more enthusiastic reviewer might be even more helpful. I like the way in which the selection is taken and shuffled not cut into the deck by the spectator all while your back is turned.

To me the mark of a good book is whether I could use the majority of the material, not, and I stress not that I find one useable item. I can assure you when this came out it was a great book for its time. I must say, I don’t care for tricks involving people thinking of numbers or the whole deck being dealt out for seemingly no reason.

Rather than say “I think this book is great” or “I think this book is a load of old nonsense” without saying why; which is how reviews usually go, I’m going to use a yard stick to weigh up the pros and cons of each effect in the book.

We love magic tricks, ALL magic tricks. Volume One, Bob Dylan writes that he read Lorayne’s book shortly before breaking through as a music star after finding it in the book collection of a friend.

That’s your opinion and I do not mean to invalidate it but to let you know there are people out there who think your assessment is wrong. My grandson is the budding magician and I’m glad that we found your website. This book is 40 years old and to some it may not seem a big deal. Vernon’s Aces – A Dai Vernon control of four cards. For example, if I like peanut butter and you don’t and you tell me I’m wrong for liking it, why am I wrong for liking it?


Harry Lorayne is a prolific author of memory training books intended for the public, as well as writing books for professional magicians. So if Vernon and Cardini did not know who had originated uncredited items, it might not have been so easy to find out. You then change the hearts into spades to conclude. This page was last updated: At least when you put 3 on each you have uniformity of action, also you need to do the turnover change twice in this version whereas it was only used once in the previous version.

Shone rated it it was amazing Dec 22, I like the effects Euan named as well as several others.

Close-up Card Magic

Craig Leadley rated it really liked it Aug 19, I have no desire to write a history of magic but I have given credit when ever and wherever I could. The JB Kard Kop. This is summed up in the description for Lorayne’s ambitious card trick where he refers to Tommy Tucker’s bluff pass by saying “here’s a move Loryne don’t know the name of.

Automatic Mindreading 2 – Two deck effects. Jog Shuffle – well described basic mechanics, which is just as well because loraynd is used extensively throughout.


OOTW took a while to get going when it was first released because magicians read the effect and decided it was too dull. There’s no economy of motion. The palm loads are done with no reasoning behind putting your hands in your pockets, several times.

Although my edition of the book has a copyright date, the first edition was published in Ose’s Cut – An easy and deceptive triple table cut by Jay Ose. So show the aces and so the load as before but don’t displace the aces you want two indifferents above them. You want to show them something? However the cut at the end isn’t needed. This was what I considered my first “hard” book in magic What a feeling that must have been.


Close-up Card Magic (Harry Lorayne)

Refine your search for harry lorayne close up card magic. The trick in question being “design for laughter”. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. When it all comes down to it, some people like one thing and some like another, and that’s what makes life fun. This isn’t particularly earth shattering, but as sandwich tricks go it’s ok.

Uajes Sardnav rated it really liked it Mar 30, It must not be confusing to those who watch. Effective card tricks you will do immediately, unique card tricks with which you will amaze your audience.

I like this idea a lot. This uses the faro shuffle to get a cheap revelation using another ‘indicator’ card. The stud poker effect assumes you know the rules to stud poker or open poker. Andreas rated it liked it Mar 28, Torn corner Transposition – Basically the same as the previous trick but you use an envelope and tear the corner off one of the cards.

Cloae-up thanks for taking the time to go through the entire book and then to cxrd the review. Lorayne’s Ambitious Card Routine. Trivia ,orayne Close-up Card Magic. And I keep it moving. The effect is “automatic poker” by Vernon and Judah. But that’s a handful of effects out of the massive wealth of material it contains. Three-spot as multiple out indicator card. There’s also nothing new or original even for its time.