Anyways, for those who want a step-by-step procedure to debone the milkfish ( Bangus), here it is: Raw Materials: Fresh bangus (preferably. What is bangus deboning? Bangus deboning is the process of removing the intermuscular and nuisance bones of bangus by manual method.

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Pull out the first 2 very fine and delicate spines found in the mid-body which is the start of the spines located in this portion. Removal of bangys dorsal fin. Good for breakfast with minced tomatoes. Take your pliers and pull each one, holding down the flesh on both sides with your fingers to minimize tearing. Don’t forget that aft of the body cavity there will be spines below the centerline too. After you’ve removed the innards and gills you’ll find there’s a gelatinous deposit of belly fat between the black cavity lining and the abdominal wall.

Check banguus cut surface at the head end one more time, this is the most likely place for spines to escape your notice.

Here’s the procedure for boneless bangus fillets: Remove the backbone by holding the knife horizontally and cutting with the tip of the blade along the backbone from head to tail. The spines on the head portion are branched spines while the rest are unbranched. This is a supplemental page of instructions for how to debone a Banngus.

Lay fish open like butterfly fillet. This site uses cookies. It may look like an awful lot of trouble but it really isn’t that bad, especially after you’ve done a couple.

How to make a boneless bangus | Bloggieesss

Make a superficial slit along the dent of the dorsal muscles and pull out the intermuscular spines embedded between the muscles from the head to the tail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Carefully feel both walls and the bottom in all the cuts for any evidence of remaining spines.


Method 2 – I understand this is the method used to remove the spines in Philippine fish factories so it’s probably faster for an experienced operator.

Wash deboned bangus in clean water. Now hold the fillet with your fingers on the center of the skin side at the front to help expose the tiny spines you’ll feel sticking up along the centerline for the first couple of inches.

You should now be able to open the fish down to the backbone as shown. Be sure to select a large bangus because a smaller one is just as much trouble for less fish. Mosquito forceps, straight Cutting board Sharp knife Utility tray Basin. Pull those spines out with long nose pliers.

Then, remove gills and viscera. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fresh bangus preferably hlw pieces to a kilo Equipments: You should now be able to remove the backbone and have the fish in two neat halves. Carefully feel along the cuts where both the head and tail were cut off and you will feel spine ends. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Steps in Deboning Bangus

These are part of the fish’s sensory system, allowing it to detect tiny changes in the water column. Gently open this bqngus with your fingers or filleting knife, prying apart rather than cutting.

Make a superficial slit from head to tail along the dent of the dorsal muscle. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pull each spine bundle from the flesh on each side of the cut, bngus the flesh in place with your fingers to minimize tearing.


I just put it for illustration purposes: They are easy to find and very easy to remove with long nose pliers – the least troublesome small bones in this fish.

Remove backbone by laying fish flat on the cutting board with the skin down. Toss the backbone into the stock pot. Trim off the dorsal fin. Remove filamentous Y-shaped spines along the lateral lines, i.

Pros use 4 cuts but I use 5 because I’m not as expert. This is the method I have the best success with and it leaves a pretty good looking fillet: In my case, I usually put vinegar, minced garlic, salt and pepper. You are commenting using your WordPress. They are visible and superficially embedded thus easy to pull out.

Wash fish upon arrival from the market. Anyways, for those who want a step-by-step bnagus to debone the milkfish Bangushere it is:.

Cutting from the bottom side of the fish with your filleting knife, make filleting cuts from the back end of the cavity to the tail. Click image to enlarge source: Feel all along the bottom of the separation to make sure you didn’t miss any spine bundles, and check the end cuts one more time. Put it in the refrigerator for dbeone then fry your own homemade boneless bangus.

Wash fish in running water.