Monday Mourning is the seventh novel by Kathy Reichs starring forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan. Kathy Reichs herself is a forensic anthropologist. Monday Mourning has ratings and reviews. Amanda said: I have read all of Kathy Reichs’s offerings since her first book, Deja Dead was publishe. Monday Mourning / Bare Bones has ratings and 11 reviews. Jennie said: I would give stars. Interesting and plot. However I did not find the story.

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Claudel’s V narrowed and his parrot nose went a deeper red. I can’t help it guys: Aug 05, Jyotsna rated it really liked it. Though I’d tuqued my head and scarved my neck, I was shivering inside my one-hundred-percent-microporous-polyurethane-polymerized-coated-nylon-guaranteed-to-forty-below-Celsius Kanuk parka.

I enjoy reading Kathy Reichs – her stories draw you in and keep you turning the pages. Oct 20, Angela rated it it was amazing. An intriguing story of three sets of bones of young women found in the basement of what is a pizza-by-the-slice place. At places, fibers adhered to the skeleton. I gazed at the crate’s grisly contents. She investigates on her own. Got news about boyfriend seeing other woman, instead of asking she just keep quiet.

The depression trenches were a different story. That’s the real problem mojday this volume. Women have disappeared, never to return Till the mid of the mournung I was hung up on 3. I’d recognized the look, correctly guessed what was coming as soon as I saw him. Susie’s reading challenge 4 15 Apr 18, Then I rubbed circulation into my hands, replaced my gloves, folded into a squat, and began troweling soil from square 1-A.

I found this book to be uninspiring and a common storyline. Replacing those bones, I crawled to the second trench, leaned in, and studied the skull fragments.


Deborah Minor is Reichs’ publisher and Harry is her younger sister, upon whom a character in the book, Brennan’s sister Harry, is based. Though tempted, I pegged not a single rock. I’d started with three exploratory techniques. I’m always guessing until the very end!

Why did we need to have a duplication of the Stan case in Montreal? My job had been to determine if the remains were human. From the description, I thought it would be my favourite of the series to this point. We’d processed a handful of scenes.

Monday Mourning (Temperance Brennan, book 7) by Kathy Reichs

Aug 28, Steph rated it liked it. I could do without the rodents. Early in the book, Tempe testifies as an expert witness, but this was really just a ploy to describe the glowing credentials of our two heroines Tempe and the real life one and establish just what it is that they do sophisticated bone analysis to assist traditional medical examiners and coroners.

Downstairs, just the hum of the generator for the portable lights. She gives the man she so-called loves the run around, she won’t talk to him, she won’t tell him what she’s thinking, leaving him utterly confused. I watched Claudel’s perfectly fitted buttocks disappear through the small rectangular opening. Pierre LaManche had visited my office early this morning. As Tempe searches for answers in both her personal and professional lives, she finds herself drawn deep into a web of evil from which there may be no escape.

Though I disagreed with Claudel’s approach to the problem, I was with him on one thing: Tempe has just suffered her seventh traumatic brain injury to date and i know the story will devolve into the usual formulaic ending so I don’t really have to keep reading from here do I? A killer Temperance Brennan novel as long as you just ignore the romance. She keeps going off by herself and needs to be rescued by someone and it drives me nuts!


I’d come from Charlotte to Montreal a day early to prepare for court on Tuesday. The plot continues to move and there are no slow or boring points. Wait, except for the possibility that Anique had gone to the darkside, despite her own mentions of Stockholm Syndrome in describing the woman seen in Menard’s home.

Aug 08, Kayla rated it really liked it. I lost track of time.

Monday Mourning – Wikipedia

Tempe is determined to find out how they died and who they are. I thought of other excavations. I was mourbing hopeful this was the book where she wouldn’t go there hey, Brennan left a voicemail and took Anne but nope. I pointed to squares 1-C and 1-D. Gilbert and Racine remained mute. Shepette rated it liked it May 02, Sep 17, Reidhs rated it liked it Shelves: The police had called the coroner.

Monday Mourning / Bare Bones (Temperance Brennan, #6-7)

While Claudel and Charbonneau questioned the owner and his assistant, a ground penetrating radar unit had been dragged around the cellar. Some sassy repartee, but mostly lots and lots of bodies. I was wired enough to recaulk the Pentagon. Flicking the last particles omnday dirt from the second burial, I set aside my paintbrush, stood, and stomped my feet to warm them.