The LA1-UWD 36W General-Purpose Column Loudspeaker (Black) from Bosch is a cost-effective solution for providing excellent speech intelligibility and . The Bosch LA1-UWD1 & LA1-UWL1 is a 36 Watt, volt line column loudspeaker for indoor use where beaming is desirable, such as places of worship. Communication Systems | LA1-UWx Column Loudspeakers. The LA1-UW x is a 36 W general-purpose cost- LA1-UWD Column Loudspeaker.

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Georgia Expo Manufacturing Corporation. Ningbo Soundking Group Co. Winner Wave TW Limited. The contacts of the terminal block is designed to signal to V transformer inside the speaker enclosure. Request more information from a la11 near you. Astatic Commercial Audio Products. Museum Technology Source, Inc. Dan Dugan Sound Design. Littlite – CAE, Inc.

Uw366 Systems International, Inc. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. APC by Schneider Electric. Guangzhou Hedong Electronic Co. Shenzhen Oneking Technologies, Co. Minrray Industry Co, Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Visual and Imaging Systems. Good Way Technology Co. Klotz Audio Interface Systems A.


Bosch LA1-UWD User Manual – Page 1 of 4 |

Eilon Engineering Weighing Systems. A swivel wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard. Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp.

Thomas Regout International B. The robust, solid MDF Medium Density Fiber board enclosures are covered with a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl in a choice of black or white. Dan Dugan Sound Design. Ultimate Support Systems, Inc. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. For applications where directivity is important. Huawei Technologies Ue36 B.

The column loudspeaker is available in black and white. Shenzhen Tendzone Intelligent Co. Beijing Feiyashi Technology Development Co.

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Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. Digi-Sat Plus Technologies, Inc. Add to Favorites In favorites.

Libec Sales of America, Inc. Trumedia with DS Digital Screens. This ensures improved reliability under conditions of extreme loads, longer life, maximum customer satisfaction and reduces the probability of failure or degradation of operating characteristics. Apogee Sound International Bogen.

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Mode Lighting UK Ltd. Domatica – Global Solutions S. Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc.

Guangzhou Osoto Electronic Equipment Co. Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. Nalpak Video Sales, Inc. Radiant Opto-Elec Technology Co.


Universal Champion Electroacoustic Technology. Leyard and Planar, a Leyard Company. The Light Source, Inc.