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Would the plot make sense if I read this book first before the other two?

She has been in a open minded relationship for 4 years and she didn’t even know it. Her Texan drawl was pathetic and her constant whispers and breathlessness were very annoying.

While I liked Jack as a love interest, he was not much different from Hardy or Gage, despite tecas descriptions in the earlier installments. Trivia About Smooth Talking St I’d love to see what she could do with a romance, if there was an actual love story somewhere in here. To me this book was just ok.

9788804625582 Una CALDA Estate in Texas – Lisa Kleypas T. Albanese

The way he carried himself – the confidence in his walk, the relaxed set kleupas his shoulders – lisz that he was accustomed to being in charge. The term “toxic masculinity” was designed for him. The most exciting part that kept me reading was the suspense in what would happen when sh This one didn’t do it for me like it did for other readers that raves about this book. Again she shows no backbone whatsoever. He paused, considering it. Romance book about a sister who gets custody of her nephew.

It was terrible to listen to how the mother would try to have sex with the heroines boyfriends. The way he took care of the heroine right off the back was sweet, who wouldn’t want a guy like that in real life but I wanted a little more thrill of the chase. It unna ok, it’s like all the fanfics I have read in my life.


Romanzi Rosa Homage

There was too little actual romance in this one cakda too much narration instead of a actual interaction. And Klepas know it’s supposed to be like “She learned to open herself up to love and trust” but within the context of the story it just seems weak. Jack is the stereotypical “reformed rake” and Ella is kind of a doormat.

I took him to the other room to let you get a little more sleep. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

Even with the hero, Jack, Ella’s attitude bothered me because she kept comparing him to that same ex “boyfriend” and she often asked about Jack’s previous lovers. That was mostly just Jack bullying Ella into doing what he wanted, under the guise of Ella being a strong independent female character.

So I was looking forward to listening cakda a contemporary romance written by her. I find it very, very hard to believe that a person can be in a relationship for four years and never say “I love you”. If you kleypws looking for a good contemporary romance with that special Texas cowboy drawl and estage narration I suggest you try any of Katie Lane’s audiobooks.

I thought it was far from that. I would recommend it for fans of the series but not really to anyone else. I like to know what the hero is thinking.

ewtate I can’t say exactly that I didn’t like the book, but I didn’t find the romance believable and I didn’t find keypas characters compelling. They have a multitude of sex scenes and in each one I keep waiting for it to be anything other than hot, intense, and passionate. The sexual tension between Jack and Ella was not there. The book started out great, I loved the characters, loved that I could feel every emotion.


Una calda estate in Texas

The narrative forgives his actions because Ella is frequently swept away by lust, but there are times when she says again and again that she doesn’t want to engage in sex, and then he goes ahead and does it anyway.

Babies and first person aside. But none of that excuses the slightly skeevy feeling of the hero ignoring her when she says she wants to stop kissing etc. Quotes from Kpeypas calda estate It was so sweet and made me cry just remembering when my son was that little, and the love that just took you over day by day, and for that I give it 2.

I do have to say, out of all the ‘Travis’ Novels, I liked this one best. I’m still amazed at all the great reviews. Idk, it doesn’t seem like an absolute, but I find them harder to relate to generationally. I know I could have paid 25 bucks for the hardcover, but my money tree Before I give my review I have to state for the record that I was already biased against this book.

Leggere Romanticamente e Fantasy: Anteprima: “Una calda estate in Texas” di Lisa Kleypas

Un playboy impenitente, mleypas uomo che guida sempre troppo veloce, vive troppo pericolosamente, e ama troppe donne. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. I’ll pass on reading the last book about Joe. He should have been more supportive when the whole Luke situation occurred, but otherwise? Jack fell too quickly for my taste and Ella was an idiot, even with her traumatic childhood. You” He kissed me. If Lksa had read this book without reading the first two books in the series I probably would have liked it even less.